Selling a business is not like selling a car or even a house.

There are a number of steps to selling a business, from preparing the books to finding the right buyer and ensuring your business will be in good hands – and this is just on the business side of things! You’ll also need to prepare yourself for life after your business, an aspect of the transition that is both financial and emotional.

Even experienced business owners find this process challenging.

This eBook looks at 5 things you should do when you’re 5 years away from selling:

  • Organize Your Profit and Loss Statement to Maximize Income
  • Find the Right Person to Take Over
  • Maximize Your 401(k) or Other Qualified Plan Contributions
  • Create a Healthcare Plan for After Work
  • Take Some Time Off to Practice Life in Retirement

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PAX eBook Selling Your Business in 5 Years? 5 Things to Do Now